around flagstaff // local fav

well hello there.

this past weekend katelyn and i ventured to flagstaff for a quick day trip. we just finished our finals (woo!) this week and winter break has officially begun.

apparently day trips to flagstaff aren’t as common as i thought but never the less i dragged Katelyn from her home at 8am and we had deep meaningful conversations for two and a half hours up the mountain! we first stopped at steep leaf lounge which, tbh is the real reason i wanted to go to flagstaff.


(i got a a pumpkin chai latte with almond milk and katelyn got an iced peach white tea and we both indulged in macarons)




after steep we went to find katelyn’s sister, steph. we went to lunch at trail crest brewing company.


i had french fries and french onion soup which was nice, but katelyn and steph’s meals were not stellar so maybe skip this place when you go.

i then told steph: “bring me to your trees” because driving up seeing all of the pine trees and the muted greens made me so excited! she brought us to the north side of campus (but literally there were trees freaking everywhere) and we parked and messed about with the camera (see below).







once we felt we had collected a sufficient amount of instagrams we dropped steph back at her dorm and carried on back downtown to shop at a place called shoes and such which has not only adorable clothes but great deals!













we met up with some friends and then finished the night by driving home! although it was a short trip, it was nice to be able to get away for the day and get to some real fall weather!


scary gin drinks // happy hour

i’ve come to terms that i am an old person that shameless-ly loves a good G&T. But every now and again i like to mix up my drinks and throw something a little sweeter into the mix. this drink turned out super cute, although the only thing that makes it really “spooky” is the fact that i put it in beakers that i got from michaels!


add one ounce of your fav gin (if you like your drinks a little stronger add one and a half ounces)


next i added one ounce of st-germain liquor which i have never had before but it tastes kind of floral but in a good way… that doesn’t make sense but give the sample a go!KAW_1150KAW_1156

next added ice!


then i filled the beaker until the 300mL line with this pomegranate and lemon mix i found at bevmo


i topped the drink off with 100mL of tonic water (fever tree is my fav, don’t use anything else!)


and that is the scary gin drink! hopefully you can feel inspired to mix up your cocktails this spooky season!


my desk // the dorm

it’s only recently in my life that I’ve fully understood that the your space really impacts you. my freshman year of college my desk area was my tv spot, my work spot and where i would spend countless hours drawing and making stickers. it was my entertainment, my education and my creative space all in one.

when i moved into my current dorm i knew this desk space would need to again serve multiple purposes. but now i have some decor standards.


the giant monitor on my desk is by far the biggest eye sore in my all white room but it is an absolute essential when it comes to working from home for my job and for design or editing really anything. i love this little Ikea lamp that i got a few years ago because it bends so I can direct light when i need it BUT it also has a USB port so i can plug a phone charger into it.

KAW_0843on the right side of my desk i have this cute little plant and a film camera that i need to get my friend to look at ( hopefully it still works! if not it will remain a fun decor piece).KAW_0845

i have the heirloom apple candle on my desk and i love lighting it at night when i have a cup of tea and i’m all cozy.


the newest addition to my desk area are these photo grids. i have really nothing on my walls because i feel like when you have too many things your space can start to feel crowded and almost overwhelming but these grids are perfect to throw up some random photos while still being about to see the wall behind it. i also have this little cactus hanging plant that my sisters friend got me for my birthday!


do you think your workspace matters?

this is weirdd // no.6

here we go.

if you haven’t seen one of these posts before (or haven’t seen my videos) then lemme tell you what weirdd means. weirdd is an acronym which stands for what i’m watching, eating, interested in, reaching for, downloading and doing.


i’ve gotten back into Once Upon A Time (OUAT) and picked up where i left off in season 4 and i still think it is a great show. although, i don’t know if i’ll be watching season 7 after seeing the preview but i’m enjoying catching up on what i missed!

on the youtube side of things i have been enjoying mango street and jessica kobeissi


before moving out (aka when i was living large) i became super obsessed with having falafel platters. my fav one was made by my dad actually (bless that man) but close second was the halal guys which is right on the tempe campus and is amazing.

interested in

i’ve been extremely interested in my new camera! a few weeks ago i was so happy to be able to purchase my first full frame camera, a nikon d750 and i have been loving it!


reaching for

since moving out i have two things i have been consistently reaching for. fashion wise i have been loving my grey vans slip ons! they are the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever owned and they look cute with everything! not sure why it took me this long to hop on the band wagon, but here we are.


secondly, i have been reaching for my nespresso machine! lemme tell you… i have found my love. i wrote a whole blog post about it so i won’t ramble, but if you need a coffee maker, nespresso is the way to go.



there are two artists I have been obsessed with and they are sarah close and dua lipa! I love caught up by sarah (but all of her songs have been on repeat, tbh) i’ve been consistently listening to dua lipa’s entire album but I’m still fan girl-ing over new rules.


recently i have been “doing” school. but i’ve also been doing a lot of camera stuff so here is some of that:



what’s been weirdd with you?