venice // 48hrs

i think the funniest moment of my entire study abroad trip so far was when tori looked over to me one night and said ‘wanna go to venice for a weekend?’

of course the answer was yes. so we spent a glorious forty eight hours in venice. here is what we did.

we arrived to our first hotel in venice at about nine pm. we were staying at the hotel san samuele for our first night in venice as we really just needed a place to sleep (and crazily enough, this hotel was cheaper than most hostels)


the next morning we rose around eight and checked out of this hotel and into one of the most crazy beautiful hotels. the westin europa & regina venice.


we spent out first ‘real day’ explore places like the basilica (thats me with the umbrella, btw)


fed the pigeons in st.marks square


found the bridge of sighs

(side note: one the of funniest conversations i have ever heard was outside of the palazzo ducal.

girl: remember, this is where you dropped me.

guy: i didn’t drop you, you fell.

girl: but you didn’t catch me, therefore you dropped me )


enjoyed the view from the rialto bridge


The next day we moved onto new adventures which began with a trip to the island of murano…

we first ended up in the (what we determined to be) the residential area of murano where we just took advantage of the empty streets and brick walls


then we found the main part of the island


after we (eventually) found our way back to venice from murano we took a gondola ride (because like..venice). we originally were planning on taking the shortest (and cheapest) trip but i am so glad we decided to go for the longer one. i don’t know the last time i felt so relaxed and at peace than in that gondola. it was for sure one of the best hours of my life.


(..unrelated to the gondola but we also got this amazing gelato)


before dinner we decided to stop for tea/coffee at a cute place in st. marks square. we payed for the views and music, not so much the drinks. worth it.


that night we had dinner at a random restaurant we happened to walk by (that just happened to have vegan and gluten free options) the restaurant was overly accommodating and had probably the best food myself or tori had ever had.


and thats it. our 48 hrs in venice were concluded with an easy flight home and then naps and food.


we also filmed quite a bit while were in venice. below is a fun little 2 minute insight into our world

(note: you may need to watch this on a computer)


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