simply brighton

i think its important to reflect on moments and times in your life. much to my misfortune its time for me to start reflecting on my time in brighton as it is coming to an end. next week this time i will be in belfast with a ticket to iceland and then backhome for the holidays.

it’s really weird to think back to brighton before i knew what i know now (if that makes sense). before i came here i knew little about the town except what i had heard from my favorite youtube vlogger constantly saying “everyone should come to brighton, its great.”

making the choice to leave my family and friends back in arizona seemed so scary before i got here. i didn’t think i would be able to survive without my dad or my cat when really it turns out i’m pretty good at just doing me. i started using this blog as a replacement for always having my parents to talk out my life (there are many things that haven’t been posted, but have been written).

before i came to brighton i was a nutrition major thinking i wanted to go to medical school. that has obviously changed (big time). now i can’t imagine my life without the creativity i now get to experience in my education. i love getting on the bus monday morning and seeing all these people with artist portfolios, or mini models of projects. this town is filled with people that just want to create something.

when i go back to phoenix it will be interesting to see how this time has changed how i behave. i’ll be trying to walk everywhere, and i probably won’t remember which side of the road i’m meant to drive on. i’ll try to order gin and tonics and will realize 1. no one my age drinks those and 2. i’m not 21.. so they won’t give it to me. i’ll say things like ‘bin’ and ‘crisps’ and no one will understand what i’m talking about. and when I’m handed a coffee there won’t be a biscuit to go along with it (but like really, why doesn’t america make this a thing? like if donald trump wants to make america great: require biscuit be served with all coffees)

i envy the guy from my school who is staying here for the entire year and doesn’t have to experience this grief until much later. fortunately i have two amazing girls i’m living with that know exactly how i am feeling. we fell in love with this city. and not the ‘i love this cookie’ kinda love, the love where it hurts to think about living without it.

i’ve been doing a project this semester on euphoria. i’ve gotten to talk to a lot of people, of all ages about it. and i think that brighton was an extended version of euphoria for me. it wouldn’t last and even if i tried to recreate it, i wouldn’t be able to.

i hope i get to come back, because i feel this is where i truly belong. but nothing will match the experience i have had here.

special shout outs are in order:

to my video group: i love you weirdos and i want you to come to the US so you can crash on my couch and we can spend time exploring.

to my communication teacher: i hope your cats are still doing well, and thank you for showing me that not all art history is boring as hell.

to the girls i have had the opportunity to live with: i love you. with all my heart. words don’t do it justice.

thank you ❤

psssst…stay tuned for iceland and belfast posts!


One thought on “simply brighton

  1. Reblogged this on pandabrighton and commented:
    I’m definitely sure that you will come back to Brighton. Being in the same group and working together was too much fun but also other than that I have a new American friend. You’re always welcome to Istanbul. Always smile and always live like a sailboat on the sea which doesn’t have a route and enjoy every moment of your life… 🙂

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