new year, new me and other cheesy things

i never make new years resolutions. i always make those ‘be skinny’ resolutions that never amount to anything (but don’t we all do that). this year is different though because i really think i need to try something new and something that might actually work.

on a world level 2016 was a pretty sucky year. but personally, it was pretty fucking awesome. biggest highlight obviously being that i went abroad and fell in love with new parts of the world that i didn’t know existed. i fell in love with people that i didn’t know existed and i became passionate about hobbies i thought should always remain just hobbies.

if you even know me a little, you know i’m pretty obsessed with youtube and right now i’ve been watching a lot of meghan hughes. she’s kinda made me re-think how i look at life a little. i think it’s really easy to be negative and for me (especially) its my default. the bright side of life is not place i usually find myself and i think that’s true for a lot of people. and i think that is because we almost feel ashamed to be happy and to brag about our accomplishments. i always think about when friends tell me about their relationships, they never say about the good things their significant other did, you only hear the bad things (think about it, you probably do that too).

it’s really hard to remain absolutely unconditionally happy in a world where we focus so deeply on the things we don’t have…i really want to change that.

which brings me to my main resolutions

1. i want to start doing things for me. because i want to. we tend to loose ourselves in this life. we focus on moving forward and what we’re doing next, but not so much on the now and the us. at the end of the day we’re the only one who has to go to bed with our choices.

2. i want to start being unapologetically creative. I really like making things and creating things and i want to do more of that. i want to do photoshoots, do make-up, do DIYs, re-do room decor, make posters, make youtube videos, paint more, write poetry and just whatever i find next to express myself.

3. concentrate on what i have, not what i don’t have. because i have a lot

4. say yes more.

5. be skinny. needed to throw that in because if i don’t, did i really make any new years resolutions?


  • go to newfoundland to visit my uncle, aunt and cousins
  • go to sarnia to visit my wendy and douglas
  • move out
  • buy my own car
  • go to mexico
  • see the magic mike live show in vegas
  • build something out of wood that is actually functional
  • pick up the guitar again
  • spend more time in arizona, but not in phoenix
  • meditate
  • drink more tea
  • drink more g&t’s
  • go to seattle
  • volunteer more
  • start doing five minute free writes like i did in high school

all in all, i want 2017 to be more happy attitudes. maybe it won’t start tomorrow, but the process has begun. the cogs are turning.

find something that sets your soul on fire”


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