|belfast -> iceland|

so to properly start this story you really have to know how this all began. like two months ago me and tori were enjoying our last night in paris when we walked into our hostel and saw this guy. we told him he *had to* go to the downstairs bar with us because it was our last night ( we didn’t care that he had just gotten off a flight from florida). for some reason he agreed and we had a great time. after a few drinks we told him he *had to* come to versailles with us the next day. and for some reason, he agreed to that too. this guy was named jeff and jeff is the basically the reason this trip happened.

while getting to know each other in versailles we found we had a common desire to go to iceland. tori and i were surprised and honestly never thought we would hear from this guy again after that day (because like, would you call these two crazy girls you met in paris? no, i wouldn’t either). but he did.

tori and i flew to belfast on december 10th and spent our first day wandering the amazing city hall christmas market and enjoying the history at the titanic exhibit.

our second day in belfast we went on an all day tour where we saw… a lot. like a lot.

most notably we went to carrack-a-rede rope bride and giants causeway. the bridge was really cool because it was just a few wooden planks and some rope holding us up as we walked over rocks and water (and it was pretty high). tori crossed the physical and mental bridge! so proud.

giants causeway is exactly what you would picture and i’m still convinced it has to be man made because like how does something so crazy just.. happen. we didn’t fall and get wet and that in itself was a miracle.

we spent that night watching the finale of x-factor and eating zizzis.

the next day we met up with jeff at the belfast city center, did a short walking tour of belfast (which was very depressing and if you know nothing about the troubles in northern ireland i would suggest looking into that) and we got on a plane and went to iceland!

everything worked out great once we landed, the luggage made it, the car was booked and ready and off we went. we got to our hostel, the base hotel, and they upgraded us from a fourteen bed dorm to rooms with a shared bathroom! after we checked in we went exploring in an attempt to find northern lights (spoiler alert, the moon was in the way and we didn’t see them). we sang songs and drove around for a while until we pulled off at a beach and climbed around until our feet were wet.

the next day was really the only thing we had planned. we checked out of the base hotel and drove to the blue lagoon. this was probably the absolute coolest thing i have ever done in my life. the blue lagoon is exactly as the pictures and was as relaxing and warm as predicted. we spent close to four hours at the lagoon just swimming around and watching the sun rise. then we moved to Þingvellir national park. my traveling companions delivered with their on demand ‘cool tricks for pictures’ (seen below). AND we sat by a beautiful waterfall and watched the sunset over our amazing day.

after leaving Þingvellir we had an interesting night in Reykjavik. we walked around the town and found ourselves in a tiny bar making friends with the local bar tenders and other travelers. it was totally worth the $10 per g&t because the company was priceless. we stumbled back to our hostel to prepare for the next day (and by prepare i meant sleep, we just slept).

here lies one of the only pictures from the bar that night. luv u tori ❤

the next move was to pack up our things in our car and venture to the geysers.

but what we found on the way was actually the best part of my entire trip.

while driving we noticed some horses and pulled off on the side of the road. we spent what felt like forever just petting this icelandic horses in this majestic field with a picturesque snowy mountain behind us. the pictures don’t do it justice.

we made it to the geysers and they were wowing as expected. and the soup in the giftshop/cafe was (extremely overpriced and…) very delicious.

we kept going and next found ourselves at gullfoss (which is a waterfall fyi) and muttered around there. it was pretty unbelievable to see.


we then took the suggestion of my aunt and went to Kerio which was also aw-amazing and beautiful (it probably gets boring me just saying stuff is beautiful, but i at least hope the pictures help).


we then attempted to find more hot springs but failed because it was crazy cold and the springs were a 10 minute walk up a hill (ya no thanks..)

because i was the planning queen we then headed back to the base hotel (the hostel we stayed in the first night, because it was close to the airport), but on our way we ran into a lot of snow…like a lot. (s/o to jeff for being the best driver ever and actually making me feel like i wasn’t going to die. because i’m pretty sure if anyone else was driving we probably would have)

ya, we were basically driving through hoth from star wars….

then that was it! we went home safe to brighton and packed up the house.

below is the video i made from the trip 🙂


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