its time for a #CreativeMarch

i feel like i am in an absolute rut.

when i was in england it was so much easier to be creative and really get out of my own head. i felt super inspired because everything was different than what i was used to. now that i am back i find it more…difficult. i feel like i am constantly making excuses for why i’m not creating to my potential.

“i’m too busy. i’m too tired. i have homework. i’m hungry. i don’t have the right equipment.”

the truth is i have plenty of time, not much homework and i have literally all the equipment anyone could dream of. but i am hungry, like all the time.

i think its because i’ve always seen myself as the science major and now that creative-ness is apart of my education its hard for me to put myself out there. i have all these ideas and directions i want to go but i just haven’t.

thus leads us to the #CreativeMarch. a march toward creativity in (ironically) the month of march. so join me as everyday i try to do SOMETHING that is different and maybe sometimes uncomfortable. let us create.

if you want to join this march toward creativity hashtag your pictures #CreativeMarch on Facebook/instagram/twitter or wherever else you post

follow my Instagram @kathrynanneliese and my youtube /kathrynanneliese



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