lets go to the beach

Another day another chance to be creative…am-i-right people?

Lol. I think its been weird for me because not much of what I have done so far is completely out of the normal (except for that video I posted, that was out of the normal, but i love editing so it wasn’t like it was that weird).


my sister and I arrived in florida yesterday and have been spending the day relaxing by the beach. I thought for today I would talk bout some of my absolute essentials that I brought with me to florida.


obviously I cannot go anywhere without my laptop, phone and camera. I always remember to bring headphones (which I’m sure everyone does now-a-days). I recently got the new macbook pro which I have been loving, but it is harder without all the ports that I’m used to. the next piece of technology I have been loving lately is the HP sprocket. it lets you print polaroid type pictures straight from your phone! it’s a lot nicer than having to carry around my polaroid camera because I always found I forget to pull it out when I have it, but having the sprocket allows you to capture moments on your phone and print them whenever you want.

second to all of my technology is skin care and make-up. Because I’m in florida I’m wearing a lot of sunscreen and I love the st.ives exfoliator to get all the gunk off my face from the day (followed normally by a Clinique moisturizer). I don’t wear much make-up usually, but especially on vacation! I love the tanya burr cosmetics eye brow palette because I can use it to fill my brows, but also use the highlight color and other shades for eyeshadow (or even eyeliner) if I need to dress up a little! It’s a very versatile palette 🙂

those were my ride or die products for when I leave on vacations. if you want to a blog post or video on how I packed to travel around europe let me know 🙂

for now, enjoy these pictures of my model sister…. ttfn



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