skincare // big sister advice

my skincare story is a long and difficult. I had acne from about the time I was 9 years old until about the age of 15 when I was put on accutane. My acne was so bad at one point that I found it difficult to sleep on my face! Needless to say I have used my fair share of skincare products.

since I’ve titled this blog post big sister advice I’m going to keep it short sweet and to the point (as I’ve learned I usually lose my own sister halfway through my wise and worldly advice).

  1. Don’t pick your face. This is a hard one and I  find it difficult not to do. If compulsively picking or touching your face is a problem for you remember to wash your hands before and after touching your face and (if possible) wear gloves or put tissues over your fingers.
  2. Wash your face. This may seem like an obvious one but it is important to cleanse your face at least once a day everyday.
  3. Switch out your cleansers. Your skin will get used to one cleanser and the effect it used to give you will not be the same 6 months later. In the same respect, make sure the cleansers and skincare systems you are using aren’t too harsh for the stage your skin is at. (a great gentle cleanser is cetaphil)
  4. This is a side step from #3, but my favorite skincare system is the Clinique 3 step skincare system! I used proactive, clean&clear, and other drugstore brands and I found I saw a real different when I used Clinique consistently. The Clinique system is great because it gives you the ability to choose a line based on the oily-ness of your skin. As It may surprise you, just because you have acne doesn’t mean your skin is considered “oily”. Even though I am over my extreme acne I love using the 3 step skincare system to keep my skin in check.
  5. Be patient. I’ve heard this from about a million dermatologists. The truth is that with most skincare solutions your skin will get worse before it gets better. They tell you this on medication you will be put on and it is also true with topical creams/cleansers.

If you have any questions about skincare, acne or my accutane story please leave them in the comments on this post,on my Instagram or Facebook!

do you like this sister advice? what else do you want me to talk about? let me know!



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