take time for yourself // big sister advice

i love a good bath.

for a while i went through a point in my life where i didn’t understand the purpose of a bath because it was something you did when you were small to get clean and when you’re older you can shower. but a bath is truly one of the best luxuries in life.

when i was in high school i dated this guy (lol 16 year old romances, those were the days i’m tellin’ ya) and i would go to his house every. single. weekend. we didn’t go to the same school and he lived 45 minutes away so basically me driving up to see him on the weekends was the only time we got. i was always so frustrated with him because every weekend all he wanted to do was sleep, watch TV and hang out at his house. it was a concept i couldn’t understand because i wanted to go on cute dates and do anything but sit in his house. he used to tell me that he was so busy during the week that he had no time to just “be” and i couldn’t wrap my head around it. why wouldn’t you use your time off from school to do things.

Years later after we broke up i finally understood. i thought i had been busy when we dated but i had no idea what real life was. he was in clubs and played sports and had other things going on where as i just had school and him. i was able to come home and sleep everyday or watch tv whenever i wanted.

at the age of 20, just “being” is something i have realized we all need to do. a good recharge is important. allowing yourself to be still is ok and only you can determine when you need it. i’m someone who likes to give all my energy to the people I’m with meaning i’m the “go get ’em” person who’s positive (almost to an annoying state). ao when i get home, i crash, i’m not that person to my family and I make snarky comments because i have given my all to everyone during the day and have no time to do it at home. i’ve realized now that when i take time for myself, it isn’t as bad as it had once been.

taking time for yourself shouldn’t be frowned upon, whether it’s running, praying, sleeping, reading, writing, playing music, painting, watching TV, watching YouTube, drawing or even just taking a bath, make time to just “be”.



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