skirts in spring // OOTD

an outfit post?? this is new.

i went shopping this week and found a unicorn piece for me! please welcome to the family… a button front denim skirt! i have been scouring the internet looking for a denim skirt that was both affordable AND fit my huge hips (because if you have big hips, you know the struggle of button front anything)


i was in the gap looking for work pants and found this skirt in the sale section for $12! yes, TWELVE DOLLARS! I just about lost my mind.


i was primarily looking for a denim skirt because i love the look of a graphic t-shirt tucked into it and a belt (still working on the belt thing). this makes the skirt more casual and gives it more of a boy-ish edge.


this specific shirt is a design from my best friend Emma! She does lettering on her Etchings by Emma etsy shop and loves doing custom orders! I have also already worn this skirt with a star wars graphic tee, so there really are no rules!


the skirt is from gap but there are similar ones on asos and forever21


lastly, my shoes are from payless and i love them because they’re asu maroon (go devils!)

(and for those who are curious my sunglasses are from urban outfitters)

talk to you soon



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