10 things my mom taught me

mothers day is tomorrow so i thought in todays blog post it would be just lovely to talk about all the things i have learned from marcie white in the 20 years of my life:

1. “if it’s bubbling, don’t eat it”

2. “nobody cares, nobody’s coming” — don’t let yourself rely on other people for your happiness or your work, figure out what to do because nobody cares and nobody’s coming.

3. hand written notes mean everything

4. “don’t do anything illegal, immoral or fattening”

5. it’s ok to be the one to ask the guy out

6. always eat before an important decision

7. “show up, show up sober, don’t get your mug shot on the 6 o’clock news”

8. don’t be afraid to take charge and be a leader

9. after a night out, eat greasy food, preferably bacon

10. work for “the life you were meant to live”

thanks mom



2 thoughts on “10 things my mom taught me

  1. All very good advice. My fav is no one cares and no one is coming.
    I was about 27 before I figured all that out. XO

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