scarf storage// diy home decor

recently i have been obsessed with neck scarfs and i totally blame chelsea bird for that! because they are so beautiful and i use them so often i always have them out but my “storage” of them is very lack luster (as you can see)

kaw_0292.jpgi stumbled upon an old diy that aspyn ovard did on her channel and i was totally inspired to make something to hang my neck scarfs on!


for this diy i got 10-ft of rope from home depot, a piece of 1/2inch copper pipe (i just eye balled how long i wanted it to be and went with that, so this is very customizable) and then i just had a few nails and a hammer! (a helpful sister is also useful)


i started by threading the rope through the pipe and seeing where i wanted to it sit on the wall and how long i wanted each side to be. i originally didn’t plan on the ropes coming together at the top (i wanted it to look more like the original picture) but when i looked at it i liked the triangle formation better!

my sister then tied a square knot at the top of the triangle. i tried to take pictures of her making the knot but it’s probably easiest to just google how to do a square knot.


after she finished the knot i stuck the nail in the center and hammered it into the wall.


i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do with the extra rope pieces so we ended up wrapping them around the hanging parts and tucking it back into the pipe. (the pictures will help this make sense)

once you tuck the rope back into the pipe just pull to adjust and make it look how you want!


now hang up your scarfs and you’re done!


i love how this diy turned out! if you want to see more diy’s let me know!



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