fav hair product // short and sassy

DSC_7944over a week ago i finally took *the chop* meaning i cut around five inches of length from my hair! i don’t think i had had hair this short since i was in fifth grade and wanted hair like anna sophia robb in bridge to terrabithia. i had known i wanted to cut it for a few months but i was worried that it wouldn’t look how i wanted and i am a notorious crier after getting my hair cut off! once i finally did it i was ecstatic! i felt as if this is the hair i was always meant to have.

i quickly learned that each day i was going to need to style my mop (unlike my usual routine of air drying and brushing it). i wasn’t a stranger to a curling iron but something that was lost on me was hair products. so i am writing this blog post to inform you, the reader, what i, the novice-hair-product-user, am using on my hair!


after i shampoo and condition I towel dry my hair and apply root plump plus to the roots and top of my hair. this really scared me at first because i always had very oily hair as a kid and spraying any kind of product on the roots of my hair just gave me flash backs to greasy roots! but have no fear my scared friends, this stuff works wonders. i then spray miracle leave-in product all around my head, avoiding directly spraying it on my roots where I already applied product. i then comb through my hair and let it air dry for 5-10minutes.


once my hair is a little dry I spray bumble and bumble surf spray all over my head with a heavy hand. this stuff is AMAZING. it gives my hair grit and texture without making it look like un-washed hair. it gives the perfect texture and helps my hair hold its shape.

i then proceed to dry my hair upside-down but that is essentially the end of my products. sometimes i will use a heat protectant before i start curling but most of the time i rely on the miracle leave-in product to work as my heat protectant.


I like for my hair to at least last me two days so when I wake up with my second day hair i will use beach babe texturizing dry shampoo and use my wet brush!

what do you use for products in your hair??

hair tutorial coming soon on my youtube channel!

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