perfume stories

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people always say that scents bring back memories but not many people think about the fact that we ourselves are attaching scents to memories in the form of our perfumes. i wanted to share my perfume stories and the memories they carry.


starting with my most empty bottle, clinique happy heart. i bought and wore this perfume during my sophomore year of high school. i’d just started the healing process after a rough break-up and i think i picked up this perfume because of the name. my parents decided this was the perfect time to take us all on a trip to paris and london. it was easily the best family trip we’ve ever taken and is still one of the happiest times in my life. i drowned myself in this perfume during that time and i keep the almost empty bottle to occasionally sniff and remind me.


this perfume is a little funnier. i “bought” it with ulta beauty points (before they updated their points system). the only reason I bought it was because the box and larger bottle looked the an old mp3 player and i thought it would look cute next to my other bottles. the story attached to this one is short. i was hanging out with a guy and i really only liked him because he gave me attention but really he was pretty creepy. i wore this perfume when i hung out with him once and because he was so creepy it tainted the scent for me and that is why the bottle is still almost full.


next is my most repurchased perfume. this was my staple in middle school and into high school. i don’t have an exact memory attached to this one but it holds a special place in my heart because it was the first real perfume i bought that wasn’t a bath and body works spray. the thing i remember the most when i smell this scent is innocents.


finally is my current perfume, vera wang princess. this is my second bottle of this and it has been my staple through college so far. i wrapped my old sussex lanyard around it because it reminds me of getting ready to go out in brighton. who knows if this perfume will last all of college, but i still love it.

that isn’t my entire collection but those are the most important ones.

what perfumes speak to you?


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