eating in halifax // caught in canada

halifax has many different amazing places to eat all across the province! today i wanted to talk about the places i went during my past trip because they were all places i’d never been to but absolutely adored.

1. Le Bistro By Liz


first off is le bistro by liz. tucked at the bottom of an apartment building it may be easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for, le bistro is an adorable french cafe with amazing food. myself and my two grandma’s all went for different salads and a cup of their soup of the day which happened to be mushroom rosemary. the food was crazy good and the atmosphere of the restaurant mimicked a small french bistro perfectly.

2. Tin Pan AlleyKAW_0211KAW_0216

although i didn’t personally partake in this meal I HAD to include it in this post. these wonderful french fry creations are courtesy of tin pan alley, a food truck that has come inside at scotia square. my grandma had the butter chicken and my aunt had one of their steak offerings. growing up Scotia square would not have been my first choice for cool food but i would make a stop in next time you’re in town!

3. The Dairy Bar


finally, the shop that inspired this whole post: the diary bar. when looking for cool places to check out in halifax this was the first place i found! the dairy bar is just off spring garden road and is a hip new take on classic ice cream treats. my grandma got the rhubarb and strawberry creampuff sandwich and I got the cheat day sundae ( vanilla soft serve topped with pretzels, potatoes chips, chocolate sauce and a malteser). this place is absolutely adorable and has the best ice cream i’ve had in halifax! this is my #1 must visit place on your next trip 🙂


where are your favorite places to eat??



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