move in + first week // back to school

well hello there.

it feels weird to be sitting down to write a blog post because so much has happened in the last few weeks!

i moved into a new house on campus at ASU! because poly used to be a military base we’re lucky to have resident housing options that are actual full houses so i’m living with two other great girls in a three bedroom house! it’s weird being out on my own again after having lived at home last semester; i feel like i have to re-learn how to be on my own and let me tell you it isn’t the easiest thing. i forgot what it was like to cook for myself and think about meals and i forgot how much alone time living without my family gives me.

along with re-learning how to live, i’ve also started my junior year of college! (which is SO weird, i still feel like it’s my first year sometimes) i’m actually super excited for this semester for a change because i think I’m gonna have a lot of fun in my classes and I know a lot of people in them which is always helpful.

but like.. what’s happening with this blog? WELL. a lot. (i hope). keep an eye out here for posts about my house/dorm, my classes and also for any adventures i’m going on! (psst… i’m going to adobe max which is insanely cool if you’ve never heard of it)

i hope you’re doing well and i can’t wait to show you how these next few months pan out ❤



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