around flagstaff // local fav

well hello there.

this past weekend katelyn and i ventured to flagstaff for a quick day trip. we just finished our finals (woo!) this week and winter break has officially begun.

apparently day trips to flagstaff aren’t as common as i thought but never the less i dragged Katelyn from her home at 8am and we had deep meaningful conversations for two and a half hours up the mountain! we first stopped at steep leaf lounge which, tbh is the real reason i wanted to go to flagstaff.


(i got a a pumpkin chai latte with almond milk and katelyn got an iced peach white tea and we both indulged in macarons)




after steep we went to find katelyn’s sister, steph. we went to lunch at trail crest brewing company.


i had french fries and french onion soup which was nice, but katelyn and steph’s meals were not stellar so maybe skip this place when you go.

i then told steph: “bring me to your trees” because driving up seeing all of the pine trees and the muted greens made me so excited! she brought us to the north side of campus (but literally there were trees freaking everywhere) and we parked and messed about with the camera (see below).







once we felt we had collected a sufficient amount of instagrams we dropped steph back at her dorm and carried on back downtown to shop at a place called shoes and such which has not only adorable clothes but great deals!













we met up with some friends and then finished the night by driving home! although it was a short trip, it was nice to be able to get away for the day and get to some real fall weather!



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