az flower bar // local fav

hello, happy to have you here ❤

after our adventures at the ice cream art experience we happened to stumble upon this adorable shop: az flower bar

the reason we walked in was because I have been absolutely plant obsessed for the last few months (unfortunately some plants have bitten the biscuit in this process but a lot haven’t!!). from the street I could see a cart full of succulents and I just couldn’t allow myself to keep walking.


we were delighted to find out there not only is this a plant shop, but they also do weddings/events AND they host workshops! i know this is something i’ll be doing in the coming months. #plantmom


cheyenne decided to get some special sugar (i think it had rose in it. if you wanna know more go bombard her instagram!)KAW_4584KAW_4602

i ended up buying one of these small head planters because i’d been in search of one forever! (and this one was only $10….like what… come again… $10!!)


do you have a green thumb? or does everything just die around you? let me know!


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