tempe public market // local fav


(side note, starting a blog post is weird! do i start with a hello? do i just jump into it? should i ask how you are? there really needs to be a uniform way of doing this!)

recently my friend Cheyenne and i went over to tempe public market. i have been waiting (not so patiently) for this place to open as it is only 0.4 miles from my house!


it took us about an hour to get from the back of the line to the counter, but all was good because we had time time to catch-up on our busy lives (seriously, I swear neither of us have time to even sit down!)


i got a super awesome kale Caesar salad and Cheyenne got the rice bowl. we were trying to be good so we split one of their (to die for) blue berry pop-tarts.



we had an entire mini photoshoot while Cheyenne tried the pop-tart for the first time (and when I mean photoshoot I mean photoshoot; I got up from our table and was crouching and standing on my toes and instructing her how to eat the pop-tart) and when we were almost done a server came up to us and said “I love this, this is everything, keep going!” Needless to say she wasn’t the only one who noticed our shenanigans.


the overall atmosphere of the place is great, you can really see the community vibe that they were envisioning when opening it. because of the new-ness it’s extremely crowded but I’m excited for the day we can walk in, get our food and get to know the bartenders because this is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.


have you been to tempe public market? did you even know it existed?