my desk // the dorm

it’s only recently in my life that I’ve fully understood that the your space really impacts you. my freshman year of college my desk area was my tv spot, my work spot and where i would spend countless hours drawing and making stickers. it was my entertainment, my education and my creative space all in one.

when i moved into my current dorm i knew this desk space would need to again serve multiple purposes. but now i have some decor standards.


the giant monitor on my desk is by far the biggest eye sore in my all white room but it is an absolute essential when it comes to working from home for my job and for design or editing really anything. i love this little Ikea lamp that i got a few years ago because it bends so I can direct light when i need it BUT it also has a USB port so i can plug a phone charger into it.

KAW_0843on the right side of my desk i have this cute little plant and a film camera that i need to get my friend to look at ( hopefully it still works! if not it will remain a fun decor piece).KAW_0845

i have the heirloom apple candle on my desk and i love lighting it at night when i have a cup of tea and i’m all cozy.


the newest addition to my desk area are these photo grids. i have really nothing on my walls because i feel like when you have too many things your space can start to feel crowded and almost overwhelming but these grids are perfect to throw up some random photos while still being about to see the wall behind it. i also have this little cactus hanging plant that my sisters friend got me for my birthday!


do you think your workspace matters?