on a budget, in a backpack // the set up

hello all — how have you been?


me too!

Saying this semester has been busy is totally an understatement! Working 20hrs a week, taking 15 credits and making a movie barely left anytime for much else. But it was all worth it because as you read this I am on my 3 week European vacation!

I wanted to write a blog post about this trip to set everything up and tell you guys how me and my friend are traveling Europe on a budget and in a backpack.


Tori and I always sent random cheap flights to each other and joked that we needed to go back but neither of us really took it seriously until a flight deal came from Norwegian Air in January. After (very) little deliberation we booked a flight from LAX to Barcelona and a flight back from Oslo to LAX (Some things to point out, neither of us live in LA and we had no idea how we were getting from Barcelona to Oslo). These two flights combined cost a grand total of $316 per person.

From there we (we meaning Tori because I swear she was born to be a travel agent, but I like her as my personal one so that’s ok) booked flights, trains and buses all around to get us from Barcelona to Oslo. We toyed around with a lot of different places including Morocco, Greece, and Germany but nothing seemed to stick. Until we ended up with this:

PHX–LAX: $59 (Delta)

LAX — Barcelona: $170 (Norwegian Air)(hostel:$110/3 nights)

Barcelona — Rome: $25(Ryan Air) (hostel: $87/2 nights)

Rome — Brighton: $45 (Vueling)(airbnb: $137/4 nights)

Brighton — Krakow: $77 (EasyJet)(hostel: $35/2 nights)*

Krakow — Copenhagen: $28 (Norwegian Air) (hostel: $150/3 nights)

Copenhagen — Stockholm: $30 (SJ| High Speed Train)(hostel: $93/2 nights)

Stockholm — Gothenburg: $25 (SJ| High Speed Train)(hotel: $145/2 nights)

Gothenburg — Oslo(FlixBus): $14

Oslo — LAX: $146 (Norwegian Air)

LAX — PHX: $59(Delta)

TOTAL: $2,010

*We had a little help paying for this airbnb from family, thanks grandma!

If you haven’t already, check out my other blog post on how to travel cheap in europe here.

I’m excited to write blog posts and record videos all about my travels! What’s your favorite place you have ever been??