this is weirdd // no.5

it’s more than half way through july and i still have yet to do my this is weirdd for this month. normally i do this series on my youtube channel but i’ve really been feeling this blogging thing recently so let’s just go with it!

if you haven’t seen one of my videos before, weirdd is an acronym that stands for what i’m watching, what i’m eating, what i’m interested in, what i’m reaching for, what i’m downloading and what i am doing.


recently i have been watching a bunch of TV which is very odd for me. so odd infact that i wrote a whole post about it! on top of that i have been watching fleur de force who just announced she’s expecting a baby!Untitled-1


my eating patterns have basically been the same all summer long. i’m eating a lot of pasta lean cuisines, franks redhot (on everything) and recently i’ve started eating honey bunches of oats cereal!


i’ve really been interested in business type things this month. i’m not exactly sure how to explain this but i’ve more recently thought about starting a company or starting something and i feel like i have many ideas and no where to put them! (weirdly i was really inspired by this video)


this past month i have found myself reaching for my brown baby wedges from payless. they’re perfect for work and very comfortable!



again this month i’ve been into listening to podcasts and my new fav is off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe. I love the bachelor/bachelorette franchise and she has to be one of the best to come out of it.



what have i been doing? well this past month i went to laguna with my friend tori to visit my friend jeff (psst… i wrote this post about it that you should read). i’ve also been working a lot at my two jobs which has been keeping me busy, but i’m not complaining! on top of that i have been researching the possibility of purchasing a new camera (!) so that may be a new change in my life.


that is what is weirdd with me this month; leave me a comment on any of my social medias letting me know what is weirdd with you!


traveling to europe // dos & don’ts

i feel like recently i’ve seen a lot of people who are either going to europe or have just gotten back. although i wouldn’t call myself an expert, i do have some advice for those planning a trip across the pond!

1. DO bring converters for the countries you’re going to. in this day and age our phones are everything, but they’re useless if they’re dead.

2. DONT bring a million things that require converters. if you have a camera, ipad, laptop, phone, kindle and basically every electronic known to man (like me), bringing your bare minimum is best so when you sleep at night you are not picking and choosing what to plug in. (this of course depends on your job, but if you must bring every electronic device you own i recommend bringing a power strip)

3. DO make reservations for things you want to do. although it may feel like you’re thinking way too far in advance, some things you want to do may be a popular thing other people want to do! in this case making a reservation for a popular restaurant, play, or tea room may be a good idea.

4. DONT plan out every single day to the hour. this may seem difficult because leading up to your trip all you’re doing is anticipating it. but by creating loose plans you give yourself more opportunity to find things you didn’t know about! it also helps relieve stress because you aren’t rushing from activity to activity.

5. DO take a hop on hop off tour in the larger cities. it may seem sketchy when you’re being haggled on the street to buy a tour but a day pass for a hop on hop off tour in a city you’ve never been is the most efficient way to see all the major cites! (it also saves you money on a tube ticket. knowledge and transportation all in one!)

6. DONT waste your money on cabs. coming from america this may seem like an odd piece of advice, but a lot of european cities (if not all) have AMAZING public transit. so unless you’re carrying a giant suitcase (or something of the same nature) skip the cab and try to navigate public transit, it makes for a fun adventure!

7. DO call your bank and let them know you’ll be out of the country. money is important and you’ll be stranded if all of your cards stop working.

8. DONT take anything people hand you on the street. they will expect money and they will not let you leave until you have paid them. this is an easy mistake to make your first time in europe but that man at the eiffel tower handing your a rose will make you pay for it.

9. DO get cash in foreign currency before you leave. although it may seem scary to carry large amounts of money across the pond, it is the most efficient way to insure you won’t be stuck a) with large bank conversion fees or b) without money because no one will take your card.

10. DONT sweat the small stuff. for a lot of people going to england (or anywhere in europe) from north america is a big deal. it is really expensive and you’ve been waiting years to get this much time off work, but if you spend the whole trip frustrated about what went wrong (and things will go wrong) you won’t enjoy everything that did go right (and things will go right).


what i’m watching

hello everyone! how are you doing? what have you been up to? i’ve been watching (what feels like) a TON of tv recently.

when i was a pre-teen i was never much into television; you could always find me sat in front of the computer engrossed in a youtube video. not much has changed now in my older years and my subscription box will always take precedence over tv. now that i work in the influencer marketing space i tend to spend more time (and time at work) looking at youtube/twitter/instagram so when i’m home i need something else to do. so… here is what i have been watching:

1.The Crown


this is an *extremely* new watch for me. i tend to not be able to watch shows that require much thought (as you will see from the remainder of this list), but i started this show with my sister one night and she has forced me to remain hooked! if you’ve never heard of the series it is essentially a dramatized version of queen elizabeth the second’s life starting right before her father passes away.

the first episode my sister and i were googling like crazy trying to figure out different references, but now by the third and fourth episode we have a better understanding of the british monarch. if you’re into dramatic history then for sure check out this show! the production quality is amazing and the acting is impeccable, and surprisingly a lot of the major events are accurate (at least from what we have googled).

2. Friends


friends. a classic. i am so far behind, i know, but i absolutely love watching friends at night before i go to bed. it is the perfect piece of fluff television and it has a million seasons on netflix so it feels like you will never run out of entertainment!

3. The Bold Type


this is a very new addition to my stash of shows but i was too impressed not to include it. the bold type is a brand new show on freeform (previously abc family) and follows three friends at a cosmo type magazine. this show feeds my devil wears prada needs while having a more humorous spin. the first two episodes impressed me and i cannot wait for the rest of the season!

4. Pretty Little Liars


next is my precious pll. pretty little liars has come to a close in the last month and i couldn’t write this post without mentioning it. this was the only show i have religiously followed through its entire life and even though it seemed like they were stretching it in the last few seasons, im really sad its over.

i don’t think this is a show i would recommend to watch on netflix just because it is so long and repetitive but if you’ve been with it from the start you know my heartache over it finally ending.

what shows are you watching?? 

i’m really excited to see life sentence with lucy hale and i want to get into more shows so tweet me or comment on my instagram what shows you’re into!

laguna beach // 4th of july

hello blog friends. yet again i have left phoenix and i have to tell you ALL about it!

this trip started because jeff (read about how i know jeff in this post) randomly messaged me on facebook because he was doing an internship in california! little did he know that by messaging me on a tuesday that myself and tori would be on his door step that sunday.

tori was already going to be in california for a tournament and i was able to fly into john wayne airport on sunday! (side note: god bless tori for picking me up @ 9am after a long night out! you da bomb ❤ )


we left the house to find the pacific marine mammal center which was just down the road from jeff’s place which was perfection. the volunteers were awesome and the seals were adorable! if you’re in laguna go check out this place and donate as they are trying to raise money for food and to build water tanks!


then we just started wandering around (and of course i made these babes model for me)


we then did our best to find food and stumbled to urth caffe. the food was SO good and the lemonade was on point.


we finished this night at the beach


the next day we drove ourselves down to balboa park in san diego. i’d been here once before  but when you add amazing people to the mix it makes everything better.

we found the homeland



we started with some food at the cafe outside the japanese friendship garden. jeff’s salad was the prettiest so thats why it got a feature!


by far my favorite place in the park was the green house (not sure thats what it is called, but that is what it is) and we had a little model sesh again (because why not).

the best part of the day was renting one of the basket things that we got to drive around the park!

moments before i offered to someone’s picture and tori+jeff drove off without me

the final day in laguna was the 4th of july. although i’ve lived in the states for over 10 years i’ve never been able to properly celebrate the 4th because no one wants to hang out with a canadian on the most american holiday of the year… was needless to say i was ECSTATIC to learn all about it.

we got a stellar deal on groupon to go whale watching in newport so that is exactly what we did. after having an adventure with parking we had a grand old time on the boat! (i felt rather ill, so shout out to matt and jeff for most of these pictures!)


we finished the night was fireworks and the next morning followed with saddening goodbyes.


cannot wait for our next adventure ❤


check out the video I made: