micro haul // ootd

well my friends, it’s that time again. the time of the year where i feel obligated to buy new things because school is starting. i picked up a few deals on my latest shopping outing and wanted to share them with you all!


first thing is this super cute top from Levi’s. it was only 6$ at the outlet and i am very into shirts with little embellishments like this one.


again from the Levi’s outlet was this green and blue striped shirt. it kind of makes me feel like a 7 year old boy on the first day of school but i kind of love it.


next i bought this cute shirt from uniqlo online. i feel like the higher neck shirts look good with my short hair so i’m all about this (plus it’s really nice and thick material). it was only $6 when I bought it but now it is on for $4 so if you like high neck t-shirts, go check it out! (i also got it in yellow which was in the wash so it didn’t get a picture.. but i like that color too!)


next, i hit up the vans outlet and got a pair of charcoal grey slip-ons. this is my first real pair on slip-ons, and it may be early to say, but they’re probably my favorite sneaker I’ve owned! they’re so freaking comfortable and i now understand why everyone is so in love.


at this particular vans store there was a deal where if you bought a full price pair of shoes you got a sale pair for 50% off! so i also picked up these light dusty pink suede lace up shoes. i’ve never seen shoes like this from vans and unless you knew where i got them, you probably wouldn’t know they were vans at all.






that is everything i bought this past weekend! have you bought anything for “back to school”?


laguna beach // 4th of july

hello blog friends. yet again i have left phoenix and i have to tell you ALL about it!

this trip started because jeff (read about how i know jeff in this post) randomly messaged me on facebook because he was doing an internship in california! little did he know that by messaging me on a tuesday that myself and tori would be on his door step that sunday.

tori was already going to be in california for a tournament and i was able to fly into john wayne airport on sunday! (side note: god bless tori for picking me up @ 9am after a long night out! you da bomb ❤ )


we left the house to find the pacific marine mammal center which was just down the road from jeff’s place which was perfection. the volunteers were awesome and the seals were adorable! if you’re in laguna go check out this place and donate as they are trying to raise money for food and to build water tanks!


then we just started wandering around (and of course i made these babes model for me)


we then did our best to find food and stumbled to urth caffe. the food was SO good and the lemonade was on point.


we finished this night at the beach


the next day we drove ourselves down to balboa park in san diego. i’d been here once before  but when you add amazing people to the mix it makes everything better.

we found the homeland



we started with some food at the cafe outside the japanese friendship garden. jeff’s salad was the prettiest so thats why it got a feature!


by far my favorite place in the park was the green house (not sure thats what it is called, but that is what it is) and we had a little model sesh again (because why not).

the best part of the day was renting one of the basket things that we got to drive around the park!

moments before i offered to someone’s picture and tori+jeff drove off without me

the final day in laguna was the 4th of july. although i’ve lived in the states for over 10 years i’ve never been able to properly celebrate the 4th because no one wants to hang out with a canadian on the most american holiday of the year… was needless to say i was ECSTATIC to learn all about it.

we got a stellar deal on groupon to go whale watching in newport so that is exactly what we did. after having an adventure with parking we had a grand old time on the boat! (i felt rather ill, so shout out to matt and jeff for most of these pictures!)


we finished the night was fireworks and the next morning followed with saddening goodbyes.


cannot wait for our next adventure ❤


check out the video I made:

west elm phoenix opening party

west elm just opened a new store in phoenix and i was SO happy i got to go to support my friends at Citizen Home Decor, Scott and Chelsea, as their stuff is actually going to be sold at this new location! how amazing is that?!



of course i brought my ride or die, katelyn with me! we love going to events that support local artisans! (we’re basically citizen home decor’s fan club at this point)



we finished the night at flower child and both katelyn and i got the earth goddess bowl! it had the most amazing flavors and i was surprisingly stuffed by the end.




what’s on your west elm wish list?? katelyn and I both picked up these glasses but my next purchase will for sure be along the lines of this.

New Outlook

I think it’s amazing when an event in your life just changes…everything. Most of the time we think of change as a negative and let’s be honest in this time in our lives it usually is. I’m fortunate to be in a place in my life where it got better. It feels like when you are a teenager that everything is crashing around you but the beauty is that… it isn’t.

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop at the University of Sussex in Brighton. I’m sipping on the most froo froo coffee in the entire world (see its amazing-ness below) and I never imagined that would happen.

I think this generation often forgets how young we are. It feels as if as soon as we graduate high school that we have to have life figured out, but we don’t, and the truth is most people twice our age also don’t have life figured out. When I went into University I wanted to be a doctor and couldn’t see myself doing anything else with my life. But slowly I fell out of love with it and I was panicked because I was NOT the friend that didn’t know her major. But suddenly I was. Thank god for the Mester’s who made me slowly realize that it’s ok to do something different (after many talks around the famous Mester family kitchen table).

I knew I needed a change. And then there was the University of Sussex. I am in love. Abosolitely smitten with this place. I think my video professor put it best “everyone says think outside of the box, but at Sussex there is no box”( and oh ya I’m in a video class!!)  The people here have a passion that I have never seen before. I was absolutely floored by a guy I met in my video class that said “I was going to do physics, but I love graphic design, so why not do it?”

The city of Brighton is a town covered in beautiful people doing what they love. The art is crazy and it makes me so inspired to just… do. To do life. I think the best words of wisdom I got while deciding to re-design my life was my Nana Liz, ” find what you love and then find someone to pay you to do it”, which was ultimately my biggest fear. But fear just seems to leave when you’re sitting by the ocean eating lunch (crazy right?).

So I’m changing. And I have a new outlook. I think I care less to (about what people think of me and how I think of people). I’m young. SO YOUNG. And I can’t wait to start life-ing how I want.

Please meet Tori, my roommate and the true BAE. This girl has the most genuinely infectious positive outlook and one day, when I grow up, I wanna be like her I took this picture at Sussex Photo Society (that’s something new I’m doing)

This is a giant mural of dogs…. i’all just leave it there.

Brighton Beach
 My other beautiful roommate, Mari. There is so much fiery passion in this adorable little girl (who we call mom because, she’s soooooo old :)) I want to be able to fight for what I believe in like her one day.

This is something else I’m doing that is new. Graphic stuff. I love Star Wars ❤