micro haul // ootd

well my friends, it’s that time again. the time of the year where i feel obligated to buy new things because school is starting. i picked up a few deals on my latest shopping outing and wanted to share them with you all!


first thing is this super cute top from Levi’s. it was only 6$ at the outlet and i am very into shirts with little embellishments like this one.


again from the Levi’s outlet was this green and blue striped shirt. it kind of makes me feel like a 7 year old boy on the first day of school but i kind of love it.


next i bought this cute shirt from uniqlo online. i feel like the higher neck shirts look good with my short hair so i’m all about this (plus it’s really nice and thick material). it was only $6 when I bought it but now it is on for $4 so if you like high neck t-shirts, go check it out! (i also got it in yellow which was in the wash so it didn’t get a picture.. but i like that color too!)


next, i hit up the vans outlet and got a pair of charcoal grey slip-ons. this is my first real pair on slip-ons, and it may be early to say, but they’re probably my favorite sneaker I’ve owned! they’re so freaking comfortable and i now understand why everyone is so in love.


at this particular vans store there was a deal where if you bought a full price pair of shoes you got a sale pair for 50% off! so i also picked up these light dusty pink suede lace up shoes. i’ve never seen shoes like this from vans and unless you knew where i got them, you probably wouldn’t know they were vans at all.






that is everything i bought this past weekend! have you bought anything for “back to school”?


west elm phoenix opening party

west elm just opened a new store in phoenix and i was SO happy i got to go to support my friends at Citizen Home Decor, Scott and Chelsea, as their stuff is actually going to be sold at this new location! how amazing is that?!



of course i brought my ride or die, katelyn with me! we love going to events that support local artisans! (we’re basically citizen home decor’s fan club at this point)



we finished the night at flower child and both katelyn and i got the earth goddess bowl! it had the most amazing flavors and i was surprisingly stuffed by the end.




what’s on your west elm wish list?? katelyn and I both picked up these glasses but my next purchase will for sure be along the lines of this.

shopping in halifax // caught in canada

what surprised me about halifax this trip was actually the shopping. i’ve found myself drawn to local boutiques over larger chains and i didn’t think halifax had anything like we had in phoenix but i was very, very wrong. if you have been to Halifax chances are you have heard of jennifer’s which is the most touristy local shop in all of province. although nothing is wrong with this, here are a few more places to add to your shopping list when you visit.

1. The Black Market


the ring i bought from this trip is the circle ring on my pointer finger!

the black market has been a must visit location for me since i can remember becoming aware that shopping was a thing (it’s funny because we could never remember where it was, but if you need a point, it’s basically on pizza corner and if you ask anyone in halifax they’ll probably know where that is). it is filled with all kinds imported goods that range from clothing to home decor but my favorite thing to buy from here is jewelry. they have an amazing selection of silver rings. i already wear two of their rings every single day and i bought a new daily wearer while i was there this trip!

2. Vintage Shops on Queens Street


this pick is a little more broad but stay with me. at the intersection of spring garden and queens street is a beautiful street of colored buildings that are the home of some really cool vintage shops and have a lot to choose from! you could easily spend in afternoon looking through these shops.

3. Made in the Maritimes Artisan BoutiqueKAW_0460


this is the place that i bought the most stuff this trip! I would say that made in the maritimes is a more “hip” version of jennifer’s and from what I’ve heard there is more than one location. the particular one we visited was at the hydrostone which turned out to be a cool location i didn’t know about! i bought a few candles and soap for my friends at work and they were a big hit! the fresh flowers candle is for sure on my birthday list.

4. Earth GoddessKAW_0464


this is another shop we stumbled across while at the hydrostone. it is right next to a waffle shop (yup, a waffle shop!) and across the street from made in the maritimes. the women in the shop was super nice and conversational and everything in the shop was BEAUTIFUL! although not everything was made in halifax i am pretty sure everything is made in canada. i bought this adorable card wallet for another friend at work and it says “take more detours” which just fit her perfectly!

5. Lost and Found Vintage


i didn’t take any pictures outside or inside this shop but i bought this print that i am OBSESSED with. i literally have shown this to everyone because i think it just explains me like too perfectly. good humor and start and finish with coffee. so i’m adding this super cute shop in there! go go go! lost and found

do you have any secret cool shops in your city??