this is weirdd // no.6

here we go.

if you haven’t seen one of these posts before (or haven’t seen my videos) then lemme tell you what weirdd means. weirdd is an acronym which stands for what i’m watching, eating, interested in, reaching for, downloading and doing.


i’ve gotten back into Once Upon A Time (OUAT) and picked up where i left off in season 4 and i still think it is a great show. although, i don’t know if i’ll be watching season 7 after seeing the preview but i’m enjoying catching up on what i missed!

on the youtube side of things i have been enjoying mango street and jessica kobeissi


before moving out (aka when i was living large) i became super obsessed with having falafel platters. my fav one was made by my dad actually (bless that man) but close second was the halal guys which is right on the tempe campus and is amazing.

interested in

i’ve been extremely interested in my new camera! a few weeks ago i was so happy to be able to purchase my first full frame camera, a nikon d750 and i have been loving it!


reaching for

since moving out i have two things i have been consistently reaching for. fashion wise i have been loving my grey vans slip ons! they are the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever owned and they look cute with everything! not sure why it took me this long to hop on the band wagon, but here we are.


secondly, i have been reaching for my nespresso machine! lemme tell you… i have found my love. i wrote a whole blog post about it so i won’t ramble, but if you need a coffee maker, nespresso is the way to go.



there are two artists I have been obsessed with and they are sarah close and dua lipa! I love caught up by sarah (but all of her songs have been on repeat, tbh) i’ve been consistently listening to dua lipa’s entire album but I’m still fan girl-ing over new rules.


recently i have been “doing” school. but i’ve also been doing a lot of camera stuff so here is some of that:



what’s been weirdd with you?


this is weirdd // no.5

it’s more than half way through july and i still have yet to do my this is weirdd for this month. normally i do this series on my youtube channel but i’ve really been feeling this blogging thing recently so let’s just go with it!

if you haven’t seen one of my videos before, weirdd is an acronym that stands for what i’m watching, what i’m eating, what i’m interested in, what i’m reaching for, what i’m downloading and what i am doing.


recently i have been watching a bunch of TV which is very odd for me. so odd infact that i wrote a whole post about it! on top of that i have been watching fleur de force who just announced she’s expecting a baby!Untitled-1


my eating patterns have basically been the same all summer long. i’m eating a lot of pasta lean cuisines, franks redhot (on everything) and recently i’ve started eating honey bunches of oats cereal!


i’ve really been interested in business type things this month. i’m not exactly sure how to explain this but i’ve more recently thought about starting a company or starting something and i feel like i have many ideas and no where to put them! (weirdly i was really inspired by this video)


this past month i have found myself reaching for my brown baby wedges from payless. they’re perfect for work and very comfortable!



again this month i’ve been into listening to podcasts and my new fav is off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe. I love the bachelor/bachelorette franchise and she has to be one of the best to come out of it.



what have i been doing? well this past month i went to laguna with my friend tori to visit my friend jeff (psst… i wrote this post about it that you should read). i’ve also been working a lot at my two jobs which has been keeping me busy, but i’m not complaining! on top of that i have been researching the possibility of purchasing a new camera (!) so that may be a new change in my life.


that is what is weirdd with me this month; leave me a comment on any of my social medias letting me know what is weirdd with you!